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   Shopping & Research

Does shopping take precious free time away from family or your business? Need help finding the best buy?

We will handle this for you and shop for the best deals, making the net service cost to you a great buy!


Grocery Shopping -

  • We provide a PC based checklist that can be customized to your preferences and quickly updated for your weekly or bi-weekly buys.

  • List is emailed to us along with desired delivery day & time.

  • We check for cost saving coupons and specials - this alone may pay for the labor!

  • We buy and provide you a copy of the receipt for payment (we accept cash or check)

  • Cost is $10/hour, plus fuel charge.
bullet Product Research - need help selecting an important product?
  • We will scan web research to find the 2 to 3 top consumer rated buys for the product category
  • Find the three best prices locally or via a highly-rated, reliable web vendor
  • And email you a concise report - all this for $15.
  • Just call or email your request with a brief description of the product, if you want a local dealer only or if a web based vendor is OK, your name & address. We will email the report along with information for the $15 bill.
  • Phone us at 843-277-1420 or email at