We offer a range of administrative support and professional services. We can help with one-time projects or provide ongoing support. Click on each service to learn more.

Basic Support Services

bullet Administrative - bookkeeping, bill payment or collections, records organization, filing, data entry, and more.
bullet Inventory - Do you have adequate documentation and backup off-site in case of fire, flood, or hurricane damage to your home or business? We will create a complete inventory (in Excel or Word) of key information with digital photos for insurance or other purposes. Two copies provided on CD or DVD disks.
bullet Home Office Management - organize important documents, setup a paper or PC filing system, or provide a complete home office design. We will organize the office and files to meet your needs and leave you a concise guide.
bullet Move Administration - No time to plan your home or office move and run your business? We will get estimates, recommend a mover, prep for the move, and coordinate the move.
bullet Personal shopping & product research - does routine shopping take away precious free time from family or your business? We will handle this for you and shop for the best deals, making the net service cost to you a great buy! Need help finding that special product? We will research the web, find the best buys, and save $$$.

Advanced Professional Services

bullet Office Network Design & Installation - for a home or small business office. We will design and install a high-speed wireless network for PCs, laptops, shared printer/fax/scanner, shared storage (for files, photos, music, videos), security webcam, and more. And insure the network has the security to protect your personal or business information. All this with daily automated backup of all your important files.
bullet Project Management - team training, a complete project management framework, project plan support, & more.