Services - Office Networking

The latest Wireless networking products now make it possible to:
  • Access the Internet from any PC inside the office or home (or even from your backyard).
  • Share a Printer or Printer/Fax/Scanner combo.
  • Store your common files, digital photos, music, and videos on a storage device that any PC, game device, or even your TV can access. And have them automatically backed up nightly.
  • Wireless webcam to view your home over the web and get intrusion alerts via email.
  • Click here to see a diagram of what is possible for the "networked home".

Our Network Design & Installation service provides significant benefits:
bullet A complete design - one that meets your needs now and in the future. And we can shop to help you get the best price for components. Only $30 for initial consultation, design and quote for installation.
bullet Saves you time - a complete home or office network can take several weeks for the average user to do on their own, and if not properly designed can lead to time consuming problems.
bullet Security is configured - imagine a stranger accessing your home network from the road with a laptop or from the Internet, stealing your valuable files, passwords, and accounts!
bullet User Guide - we provide a guide tailored to maintaining your network. Includes a one page diagram and a quick reference card to common tasks and where to find the details in your manuals or the vendor web site.
bullet Post Installation Support - one hour free telephone support.

Requirements - You need to have high speed Internet access via a cable modem, DSL, or other type service.