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What happens if your home or small business office is damaged by fire, flood, or hurricane? Are you prepared to provide the detailed proof of your loss to insure timely and complete insurance coverage? How do you know you if you have adequate insurance coverage? Property values have increased dramatically! Have you assessed and documented the replacement cost of all contents?

One study1 states that 59% of US homes are underinsured by an average of 22%. Another 2 states that 85% of small businesses are under insured by 40%-50%.

We will work with you to create a home or small business office inventory of key information and digital photos for insurance or other purposes.

bullet Your inventory is well documented - in Microsoft Excel or Word for easy updates. We also provide a way to easily view and print your inventory from a web browser. Click here to see a partial example.
bullet Customized Format - We provide a basic format or will customize it to your specific needs.
bullet Digital photos - We provide high quality digital photos of the outside of the structure and each room. Up to 25 individual photos are provided for your most valuable items. These photos are linked with the inventory. A small fee of $1 is charged for each item you select above 25.
bullet Digital movie - a digital movie (PC playback) can be made of the structure and each room for an additional $45.
bullet Replacement Cost - We work with you to obtain and document the initial purchase price or your estimated price. As an option ($1 per item), we will search the web to get estimated replacement cost.
bullet Backup Copy - Two copies are provided on CD or DVD disks so that you can store one off-site. This includes the detailed inventory and digital photos.

Typical base price for a home is $200 and a small business office is $350. Of course the final price quote will vary with the size of the inventory and amount of information you want recorded.

Consider the real value our service if you don't have adequate documentation stored off-site!  Call us to review your needs and obtain a quick quote.

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